# Thursday, 05 February 2009
The last three days I've written different blogs/tutorials on howto use Gaia Ajax in different scenarios. One of the blog is more about LINQ, but becomes highly more relevant because of the powerful usage scenarios you can apply LINQ to Gaia development.

Here they are

Modal Ajax Messagebox for ASP.NET in Gaia

Most applications today utilizes some kind of messagebox to either give feedback to the user or halt the execution of the application, until the user performs a choice. Typically Ok, Yes, No or Cancel. Creating such a control for the web can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By using Gaia Ajax we can pop out a fairly feature rich MessageBox in a short amount of time. In this blog I am going to create the MessageBox and use it in a simple sample. The code will be provided for download if you find it useful.

Creating an ajax popup dialog messagebox in C# fully programmable from the server in Gaia Ajax

Traversing the ASP.NET Control Tree with LINQ

Using LINQ greatly simplifies Control Tree traversal and manipulation. Use simple one liners to change properties recursively or perform lookups. This blog also discuss how to transform controls into entity objects and vice versa. Happy Linq-in!

Using LINQ to traverse, manipulate and recurse ASP.NET control tree

Creating an Ordered Ajax ListControl in C# with Gaia

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create a reusable Ordered ListControl. We will also use generics so that it applies to all ListControls like ListBox, DropDownList, CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList, etc. The control can be used from any .NET managed language.

Howto create an ajax ordered listbox or any other listcontrol in C# with Gaia Ajax.

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