# Monday, 16 February 2009
Gaia Ajax 3.5 is to be released shortly. If you don't know it, Gaia Ajax is an Ajax library for ASP.NET that goes far beyond other libraries in offering Ajax support and giving developers tools they can use to build scalable, high performing and easy to maintain solutions. 

Smarter Control Collections for HybridControls

Examine the new HybridControl Control Collections. Both Implementation and usage. 

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FileUpload Control created by the Gaia Ajax Community

Adding FileUpload capabilities to your application might not be too difficult, but what if you want it Ajaxified? Don't worry. The latest version of Gaia Ajax includes a FileUpload control donated by Pavol. Read the story below to learn about how you can embed this into your own application.

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Enhanced IGoogle Example

Added support for easily adding your own controls to the dashboard. Read more about how to leverage the drag&drop facilities of Gaia Ajax 3.5 to put up a customizable dashboard.

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